Monday, December 28, 2009

A Christmas Poem


We're greeted at first
By dads outdoor lights
Then moms stockings and tree
Such a beautiful sight!

Raw eggs in our nog
We drink without fear
The eggnog won't kill us
It brings Christmas cheer!

Then there's Mom and Dad's gifts
What's left to bring?
They've been spoiled for years
They have everything!

They have grandkids, good health
They have a beautiful home
We walk this earth knowing
We're never alone.

Remembering loved ones
Those who've passed on
Hearts full of memories
Remembrances fond.

If I could pray for more still
Dear God if you please
Good health and good tidings
And more days like these

A Christmas prayer and a poem
All this talk's getting old
Now let's enjoy our meal
Our food's getting cold!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Bird's Tenth

This poem was a struggle
the words would not come
our efforts were doubled
then words came by ones

"chocolate" and "gifts" and "cake"
came to mind
"frosting", "candles", "keepsakes"
came behind

now seven more words
to give you a lift
Happy Birthday, Dear Bird

enjoy your gift!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Poem for James

you fly jets, you fly props, and even a broom
and you certainly know how to light up a room

some think you're crazy, but that's not what we say
you just love life, hard at work, hard at play

we'll miss you this christmas, and in the new year
and we'll be sure to toast you, with holiday cheer

what's most desired, for what do we yearn?
our family's good health, and for your safe return.

Tios Franke & Colleen