Friday, October 23, 2009

Dad's Birthday Poem

Twenty third of October
My dear Dad was born
In New Mexico state

Siete hijos are yours
And our wonderful mother
A house filled with love
Unmatched by another

All these years, all these memories
And I've only to say
Two words, no more
Happy Birthday!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Wooden storm windows got a fresh coat of paint today and were rehung after resting in the cool basement for a period for a break from the elements during the warm months.

The heater kicked in last Thursday, the 30th of September.  We were determined to wait until 1 Oct to turn the heater on, but the thermostat setting (60F) foiled our plans.

The tree across the street is putting on it's fall show.  Our maple is showing red on a branch facing south.

The rosebushes got their last pruning.

The tomatoes are done.  C- picked a bunch of green ones for a nice meal of fried green tomatoes.