Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Vista Lament

windows vista sucks
despite the eye candy
one crash a day is luck
it's usually two or three

today as if on queue
the screen went blue or black
when it's time for something new
i think ii'll buy a mac

RIP Phyllis the Amaryllis

Phyllis the Amaryllis is done.  She'll be back again next year.

Hops, Lovage & Rhubarb

Spring has once again prevailed in the great battle of the seasons. The hops peeked out of the ground last week, and not seeing their own shadow they continue to work their way skyward.  The lovage is at 6", and the rhubarb looks like a boiling cauldron of blood!

Birthday Poem for Mis Hermanas

your birthday has passed
i missed the date.

and you usually know better
then to sit and wait 

for a gift that won't come
at any rate

but this time it's different
i've stepped up to the plate!

i've sent you a gift
i think it's first rate!

and i send it with love
even if late.

Birthday Poem for Antonio Rat-onio

Feliz Cumpleano
Dear brother Antonio
Enjoy this bottled gift

It's Tequila Tezon
Cabroncito Fregon
and a sip will give you a lift

It can make you see double
It can get you in trouble
It makes you less smart than you think

It makes dumbness profound
And bad jokes abound
But no worries, enjoy a drink!