The Skinny Lifestyle

I love to shop in Hong Kong. Clothes are made for skinny people, so everything just...fits. I'm a 32" waist after a large meal (wearing a belt so that my pants don't work their way half way down my arse). The tag is from a pair of size large Adidas workout undergarments that fit me...tight!

How to stay skinny:
  1. Do lots of yoga.
  2. Live in a city where you sweat (embarrasingly) like a pig whenever you step outside.
  3. Eat little or no meat.
  4. Go out for a session only once weekly.
The picture below captures the lifestyle that keeps me skinny:
  1. I'm going to yoga later.
  2. I'm dining alfresco in Hong Kong park, so sweating like a pig.
  3. The few mean pieces of meat in this delicious curry (maybe $3US) are as much as I've had in many days.
  4. I'm eating alone, so not enjoying alcohol with friends!