Friday, October 10, 2008


Happy Birthday Dear Padre
Happy Birthday to You
you taught us life's lessons
I've listed a few

to be humble but proud
to be respectful to all
to extend a kind hand
when one suffers a fall

to know right from wrong
to deal with crisis
and you didn't forget
to teach us the vices

to gamble, to drink
to do both with class
without looking foolish
or dumb as an ass!

to enjoy ourselves
escuchando canciones
cantar "¡Ay Chabela!"
con mucho cojones!

You taught us to love
I see it dear Padre
in the way that you are
to our sweet and dear Madre

I wish I could follow
the example you've set
but it's not easy to do
you're the best man I've met!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Palin vs. Spears

Click on the picture.
From Hong Kong

The Skinny Lifestyle

I love to shop in Hong Kong. Clothes are made for skinny people, so everything just...fits. I'm a 32" waist after a large meal (wearing a belt so that my pants don't work their way half way down my arse). The tag is from a pair of size large Adidas workout undergarments that fit me...tight!

How to stay skinny:
  1. Do lots of yoga.
  2. Live in a city where you sweat (embarrasingly) like a pig whenever you step outside.
  3. Eat little or no meat.
  4. Go out for a session only once weekly.
The picture below captures the lifestyle that keeps me skinny:
  1. I'm going to yoga later.
  2. I'm dining alfresco in Hong Kong park, so sweating like a pig.
  3. The few mean pieces of meat in this delicious curry (maybe $3US) are as much as I've had in many days.
  4. I'm eating alone, so not enjoying alcohol with friends!